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Stronger Marriage Connection podcast
Preparing for Parenthood: Starting a Family
Supporting Children's Emotions (English/Turkish) for Psikoloji Istanbul
Cirtrus Leaves
"As a new parent, I felt constantly bombarded by conflicting parenting advice and felt like there was no way to live up to the standards being set for me. I often felt like I wasn't a good enough mom. Beth was the voice of reason during those early days of parenthood. She was great about answering specific questions I had, and also sometimes just giving me a pep talk--Settle down. You're doing fine. Keep going. I feel like most of the tools in my parenting toolbox were introduced to me by Beth--first as my childbirth educator at Swedish, then facilitating my new mom's support group there, and then as parent educator during my four years of co-op preschool with my two daughters. Beth made me a better parent."  Jean
Cirtrus Leaves
"Words cannot begin to express how thankful I am to you for your wisdom and expertise.  Our meeting was immensely helpful to me..not just for the (grand) parenting skills, but also, on a deeper level, for helping me reframe my current situation in a more positive and supportive way.  This has really made a difference in my life and, because of that, has helped those I love."   Eve
Cirtrus Leaves
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