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Pine Cone

The Understanding Children links will take you to the North Seattle College site. Please choose "Parent Education" from their list and you will see descriptions of these classes​.

This fully online class is designed to promote community and support for parents and teachers who are working with children and remote learning this Spring. Special attention is paid to returning to in-person learning.

This online class is specifically for former and current co-op preschool families preparing to return to in-person learning. This class will have several real-time Zoom discussions in addition to online content.

Infants thrive when their needs are met and they feel loved and understood. This 2-hour workshop is designed to give you tools to identify infant temperaments, support baby when they're having "big feelings", and promote co-regulation. 

We offer a variety of community based cooperative preschool programs with a parent education focus for families with children birth-Kindergarten.

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